Carpe Diem… just not all of it.

Some days can last for an hour,
Some hours can last a few days.
What alters the feeling entire
Is the sense of the possible ways.

Your time can take giant leaps forward,
Lay frozen like ice on the snow.
The shell of your faintest perception
Will shatter the moment you know.

When you find your way back to the present,
Or wonder what got you to where.
The time was a mirror of time,
All is in behind you in there.

Keeping your mind in the moment,
Your body has fallen aside.
The frantic and passive and empty
Are the images left in your eye.

Secrets and lies and deceptions
Are seconds and minutes and years
Only accounting for lining up dreams
With taxes and mourning and cheers.

So make up your plans and your schedules
And plot out your generous deeds,
For while you are circling the vultures
Your wife is in your bed with me.


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