On Everlasting Anything, but in this case on love.

Has romance been reduced to greeting cards and candy?
Someone else’s words and some padding for the fanny?
Love is not as permanent as fiction tries to make it.
Oftentimes the lovers have consented to just fake it.

Routine and repetition can take away the flavor
Of life and love and happiness you thought to always savor.
Consistency and certitude and ethically prudent
Can never stop the steady lope of hearts so discontent.

The fresh and new, not borrowed or blue, will capture your attention
Just as sure as staring at your stare will twist at your perception.
The secret then, to keeping up your lavish loving passion
Is always talking, trading thoughts to nourish your attraction.

Nothing but the interknitting knots and weaves of ever-loving souls
Will find the joy of joining thoughts to reach your common goals.
Is there hope for any two who want to be together?
Chance will pass some pairings by, where never is forever.


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