Poetic Pondering

I set out wanting to write a poem
But the words, I did not know them.
I tried so hard to introduce myself
But it cast too much doubt on my mental health.

They are so flat, I said in my head,
From the side they resemble a thread.
So what can I do, I wondered just then,
To cause them to move or even to bend.

So what would someone like Shakespeare have done
To put them together and finish line one.
The answer was simple though I didn’t see it,
You write them again the way you see fit.

The words you put down will stay where they are,
Even if they end up in the trunk of your car.
That’s why I still like my paper and pen,
To do things just like they did them back then.

So as you can see I found a few words,
And put them together like a family of birds.
For though they can travel in so many ways,
The one way that’s best is how they will stay.


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