St. Ives

As I was coming home from a pub in old St. Ives,
I met a man who had not one but count them seven wives.
Why not eight, I asked of him, the more for child bearing.
He answered “nay, I need more not, I’m past the point of caring.”

So what does one with seven wives do in his quiet moments?
“Of that there’s none they never leave me always there are torments.”
What do you mean, how could this be a curse and not a blessing?
“Seven sacks with seven cats one litter box gets messy.”
Don’t you watch The Price Is Right and listen to Bob Barker?
Spay and neuter all your pets before their family becomes just that much larger!

“Too late for that for every cat there are some seven kittens.
I watch the road this winter’s day without a pair of mittens.
Each trav’ler passing by decides to write a clever tale,
But not til later does the the published work come out for sale.”

So here I sit all full of wit and document my journey,
Wondering if I will need a copyright attorney.
Who owns the rights to all the kittens, cats and wives and sacks?
It can’t be him he cuts and pastes with boiling tar and axes.


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