Free Your Mind For Less Than Five Sense A Day

Waking dreamless sleepers finding no one in the know
I set out on a jouney to find out what made it so.
Over river through the wood and found it rather damp
Got out a tent and sleeping bags and made a little camp.
Back to sleep in search of dreams whose hopes are not their own,
I find myself in spurs and chaps while in a western town.
No sooner had I bought a drink to help me think this through
A Pistol Pete had met his end by bullets passing through.
Next thing I know I’m in the snow and sliding on the ice
With polar bears and walruses that think I’ll taste quite nice.
I tell them not to ruin there dinner eating such a snack
But they don’t care they like to share like smokers in a pack.
The pack of smokers smoking packs but too close to my door
Smelled of desperation Lotto scratch-offs and a crumpled up pick 4.
I made them each a sandwich since their luck had been so down,
Pastrami, rye, and mustard from the deli here in town.
And now when they are loitering around my neighbor’s hood, they change his oil and check the tires so his Saturn handles good.
I asked them why they worked on his and never looked at mine,
Their answer was that wagon wheels were just not worth their time.
Now come, I said, it may be square but Volvo makes good cars.
They laughed at me, began to sing about a man named Lars.
Now I don’t know why they would be as rude as they had been,
But waking up I noticed that I managed to sleep in.


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