Goodbye, my friend.

This morning I lost a very good friend
Her battle with cancer had come to an end.
We’ll always remember her laugh and her smile
A moment with her was a moment worthwhile.

She always was going for food or a show,
Don’s Pizza and Friedmann’s or coffee to go.
Concerts and festivals, indoors and out
Always adventure for her, there’s no doubt.

She loved to spend time on the beach by the sea,
But never a tan was apparent to me.
The ocean and sand were a pleasure for her,
Though sand would get everywhere that was for sure.

Now to the angels she greets like old friends,
You better be sure it is as she intends.
A balcony seat but down in row one,
She’ll watch us and wait for us each to be done.

RIP Mary, we’ll see you again someday.


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