The Slot Machine of Love

Love can be a powerful thing, for better or for worse, but it can also have little impact if you don’t nourish it over time.  How mny times have you heard someone say “I’ve been hurt too many times, I’m not putting myself out there like that again.”

Thing is, the best thing you can do to find happiness and love is to put yourself WAY out there.  Put everything you have into it.  This is where the one-armed bandit sidles into the picture.

Your typical modern slot machine will let you bet not only on multiple paylines, but you can increase the amount of your bet and increase the number of times you bet on a line.  Now, any gambler will tell you that’s a good way to lose all your money.  However, we’re talking about love, emotion, your very soul, which has unlimited potential.

If you examine the payout chart, you see how increasing your bet increases the potential payout.  There’s nothing special about the numbers until you get to the maximum bet playing all available lines.  Then the payout for the jackpot is much higher compared to your original bet.

So you’ve put yourself out there, met some people who had a negative impact on you, used you, abused you, lied to you, cheated on you, and all of that hurts.  A lot.  After one person does it to you you might be ready to give up, and after half a dozen you stop believing everything anyone says.  Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but get over it.  Crawling inside your shell doesn’t improve anything and makes your future look pretty dark.

So, you play one line with the minimum bet, and even if the jackpot shows up, it’s on a line you didn’t bet on.  Even if you actually hit the jackpot, you only get a mediocre payout.   BUT if you put it all on the line, every single time, you may lose and lose a lot but when you do finally hit the jackpot it will be beyond your wildest dreams.

So don’t give up on happiness just because it isn’t dripping from your ears, go out there an make good things happen.  Do that, and you will be amazed at how many good things happen to you.

There’s nothing crazy about hope.


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