Alphabet Rhymes I

A is for angle it changes your view
B is for Buddha who’s staring at you

C is for candles you burn at both ends
D is for dancing in a way that offends

E is for eagle way up in the sky
F is for Franklin’s cash value that’s high

G is for gutter where your mind spends its time
H is for having to make all these rhyme

I is for incense that stinks up the room
J is for jet making a sonic boom

K is for kitten because they are cute
L is for larceny you stole all the loot

M is for menses, that time of the month
N is for Nixon from office got punt

O is for oxen who pull on the plow
P is for pilot who’s taking off now

Q is for scoring a whopping 10 points
R is for rheumatoid that pains all your joints

S is for sushi eat fish while it’s raw
T is for teeth all lined up in your jaw

U are so patient for reading this far
V is for Volvo the brand of my car

W is for wheelbarrow moving manure
X is the status of cheaters and jerks

Y did I follow the alphabet line? To
Z if the challenge would damage my mind.  🙂



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