Dat’ ‘Ing You Can’t Stop Thinking About

Waiting, waiting, waiting,
Heart is palpitating
Oh no it started snowing
At least the wind’s not blowing.
Now the snow is stopping
But the temp’rature is dropping
It’s time to get me moving
Put on some tunes to get me grooving
Shower shaving brushing
And mouthwash after flossing
Now I’ve started thinking
Maybe SS Me is sinking
All this caffeine that I’m drinking
So the time will go by blinking
Need to concentrate on nothing
So my nerves will just stop bubbling
Oh my God my mind is racing
Can I stop the constant pacing
My fingers do the dancing
On the armchair try relaxing
Momentum keeps on building
Faster louder willing
Time to stop the chasing
As my laces I am lacing
My feet are walking walking
Why can I never stop the talking
In my head there’s so much swimming
Can I keep the laughter brimming?
Hold on because the spinning
Of this tale is just beginning
Take a breath, time for braking
‘Cause tonight I will be taking
A wonderful and charming
Woman who is quite disarming
To eat, enjoy some dining
At the movies laughing trying
To keep my smile from showing
How much I am now glowing.

You all for sure relate.
Tonight is the big date.

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