Newcastle Rag

Believe it or not, I am a musician. A percussionist, mainly, but I have dabbled in some other instruments. I also have composed several pieces, this one for piano. It is unique among my compositions that I never touched an instrument while writing the music on staff paper, with a #2 pencil, sitting at a bar drinking Newcastle Brown Ale. I didn’t finish it in one sitting, but since it was actually a homework assignment I completed it like any other homework – in a chair. It turned out nice, probably the best of the lot though also the shortest. Sorry the “video” is just a shot of the original cover page, the video camera was the only tool I had to convert the MIDI file to whatever the heck YouTube needs. Hope you enjoy it, and next time you see it try some Newcastle Brown Ale on tap – it’s inspired. šŸ˜‰

Newcastle Rag


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