Nightmares and Daystallions

We all get them.  Some are obviously fake, almost a B-movie feel, and others are all too real involving people we love and care about.  It is virtually impossible to control how these nightmares turn out, despite them being a fiction of your own mind.

Things to remember so your nightmares have minimal impact on your waking life:
1) If you accidentally rip a toe off your cat, it won’t have been attached to his belly (just had that one! Lol)
2) When the nightmare takes places in a previous residence, you don’t have to pay rent when you wake up.
3) Nothing is going to eat you.  Seriously.  Only on Loony Tunes does a thought bubble appear over a character where a miniature you transforms into a roast turkey with little chef hats for feet.
4) Never in your life will you lose everything in a poker game with a chain-smoking penguin with a tracheotomy.
5) You ain’t James Bond.  Get used to it.
6) If you wake up thinking you left the garage open, car unlocked, or stove on, that’s worth taking a minute to check.
7) James Cameron doen’t live in your head, so none of the fiery explosions are real.
8) If someone beats the tar outta you, do a quick wiggle of your jaw to verify it never happened.
9) Never in your life will you accidentally leave the house, ride the schoolbus, go to work, etc. without any clothes below your waist.
10) If I appear in one of your nightmares, I had better be a total bad-ass with a cool scar.  It’s in my contract.

Sweet dreams!  😉


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