Semi-simple something sleepy slurring something something…

Awake.  But not.  It’s barely 5 o’clock.
Sleep.  I need.  My mind is at half speed.
What.  The hell.  Am I going to tell.

Awake.  Mistake.  What did I just break?
Sleep.  Cannot.  I need the chamber pot.
What.  Did I.  Just call my toilet by?

Awake.  I walk.  The walls look much like chalk.
Sleep.  Not yet.  My bladder I must vent.
What.  Was that?  Just brushed up by my cat.

Awake.  I take.  A seat above yon’ lake.
Sleep.  No way.  It’s here I need to stay.
What.  I’m done.  Back up my pants can come.

Awake.  I head.  Straight back to my big bed.
Sleep.  Okay.  On the pillow do I lay.
What.  Nothing.  See you in the…

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