Alphabet Rhymes II – Unpleasant Behavior

A is for arrogant, full of conceit
B is for bully, your ass will he beat

C is for criminal, breakin’ the law
D is for decked by a punch to the jaw

E is for ego, gaining in size
F is forgiving, a word from the wise

G is for gunfire remember to duck
H is hellcat she don’t give a f____

I was a victim of bullies and thugs
Just for a thrill, then off to their drugs

K is for kicking, right in the jewel bag
L is for losing the lunch you just had

M is for money that’s taken from you
N is for nothing that’s what you can do

O is for oxygen, try and get air
P is for punched in the gut no on cares

Q is for queer it’s a name they call you
R they aware what they’re doing to you?

S is for smacking you right in the head
T is for thinking you’re better off dead

U are the key to ending this trend
V is for victim who just needs a friend

W is for waiting for a teacher to hear
X marks the place in you filled up with fear

Y does this happen near every day?
Z is for zero attention most pay.

Bullying is a serious problem, one that can be prevented through better parenting.  Unfortunately, many parents are unconcerned, indifferent, and don’t care if their kid beats the tar out of someone else’s.  As long as their kid is the cool one and doesn’t get picked on, the problem is somebody else’s.

Please teach your children to stand up for each other, not to stand by and watch as it happens.  There is nothing to be gained from physical and mental abuse by one’s peers, but everything to lose.  Nobody should suffer or die just to inflate a bully’s fragile self-esteem.  Nobody.


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