Alphabet Rhymes III – The Family Tree, Scrapple Style

A is for auntie, my sister Dave
B is for Bob-bob, pigs feet he saves

C is for country, where we ‘uns gather
D is for David, my auntie and sister

E is for Eisenhower, our President now
F is for Fletcher, trampled by sow

G is for Gigi, she’s buried out back
H is for hatchet, if cows need a hack

I is for Injuns, who used to live here
J is for Jack who sells us our beer

K means Kentucky, where boubon is from
L stands for Louisville, ain’t been there none

M is for Margie who limps from the gout
N is for sh__ you don’t ask about

O is for Olfactory, where pappy once worked
P is for pen’ten’sharey, where three cousins lurk

Q is for… well, I don’t rightly know
R is for Randy’s where broken cars go

S is for suckers, they run out of fuel
T is for ten bucks a gallon you tool

U is too nosy, reckon’ it’s time,
V are venomous snake friends of mine

W we wonder what we’ll find in your wallet
X wife is constantly yellin’ and callin’

Y are you scared by my fam’ly affairs?
Zed here goin’ show you what we got downstairs.


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