Alphabet Rhymes IV – Music

A is for anthem, oft sung at the game
B is for ballad, with flowing refrain

C is for concert, a type of event
D is for DJ who will represent

E is for electric, both guitar and Slide
F is for Fender, amps made with pride

G is for Glass, Phillip Phillip Phillip Glass
H is for heavy metal rockin’ yo ass

I is for interlude, the space in between
J is for Joplin, the folk singing queen

K is for Karlheinz, Stockhäusen was fun
L is for Lygëti, wrote for 2001

M is for Medeski, Martin, and Wood
N is for Nightingale, singer who stood

O is for opera, give it a chance
P is for piano, tool of romance

Q is for telling the horns when to play
R is for Rachmaninoff, his fingers could splay

S is for silence, no sound in the room
T is for timpani, boomboomboom BOOM

U are the listener, the one who will hear
V is for vibrato, it pleases your ear

We know how the William Tell Overture goes,
X starts Xenakis, used math to compose

Y don’t you buy some new music today
Z how it makes everything seem okay.


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