Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Decisions, decisions, please make one for us,
Four can fit into the car but one must take the bus.
No volunteers, no one wants to be the odd man out,
Or listen to the leaving of the lover by Gus.

I saw her first, no you didn’t, yes I did I did I did.
Who gets to meet the girl?  A competition, a bid,
We will then find out who the winner will be,
Why would we ask her who she’d like to see?

One more dumpling, sitting in the tray.
Who gets to eat the final morsel today?
“It should go to the most honored, respected of us”
Said the dupe as another went and gobbled it all up.

This is the problem with paper scissors rock;
I want to choose to be Star Trek’s Mr. Spock
I really think this method of deciding is just super,
A product of the mind and wit of Dr. Sheldon Cooper.


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