Alphabet Rhymes V – The Doghouse

A is for ass, that’s you you’re in trouble
B is for bursting your egocentric bubble

C is for cranky and it’s your damn fault
D is for drama, take it with a grain of salt

E is for error, you made a mistake
F is foolishly say’n “Hit the brake!”

G is for girlfriend, she’ll call at least ten
H is how you’ll seem a jerkface to them

I have no pity to offer you, dude
J is for justice for being so rude

K-Mart don’t sell you a way out of this
L is for love, reminders of bliss

eMpty your pockets and find a breath mint
N is for knowing your energy’s spent

O what a mess you have made in your life
P is for princess, girlfriend or wife

Q up the music, let the band play
R you a man or a mouse as they say

Special is how she deserves to be treated
Talking ’bout sports will just get you defeated

U are the one who made her feel bad
V is the virtue you seem not to have

W is for whining just shut up and deal
X’s are made when you fail an appeal

Y don’t you say that you’re sorry right quick
Z is for zero, ’cause you’re just a d___.


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