Nothing in General, just Everything in Particular

The world is a crazy place.  War is waged in the name of peace.  The loudest person is the one telling everyone to quiet down.  The coolest jock is the biggest jerk.  The smartest people in the world can’t change the oil in their car.  The most poltically savvy people have the dumbest ideas.

So, where do we as a society go wrong?  Simple.  We don’t all agree on how things should be.  How many thousands of years will the Middle East wage war to control the area that is central to two different religions?  They can’t share it, because it belongs to them not the other.  And let’s not forget the Crusades… all three of them, where the Catholic Church ordered the rape and pillage of entire nations and said “God will forgive any sin during this Crusade” which is how the Vatican accrued the largest collection of ill-gotten artifacts in the world.  The Nazis went to church.  They just preached differently.

Will we be able to accept each other once and for all?  Most likely not, because it would require either abandoning all interests outside your house or standardizing a payscale for the entire world.  NOT gonna happen.  It’s not about rich versus poor, or earning versus entitlement, it is all about wanting more than you have.  That will NEVER end, no matter how many times you quote Rumi or Ghandi on your Facebook page.

How many of your wants and needs are met without assistance from anyone else?  You can’t even wipe your ass without ex-trees that go through many stages to become squeezably soft.  Almost everyone buys electricity from the folks that own fissionable materials, and those that use solar or wind power need others to come install the equipment or machinery.  Even someone who lives off the land bought his bowie knife somewhere.  The world as it exists now is entirely interdependent, each piece dependendent on many others.

Sometimes someone decides that they should have control over a portion of this network that doesn’t belong to them.  Theft, piracy, revolution, terrorism, all facets of the same problem: righteous desire.  When you decide that your view is right and another’s is wrong, and you attempt to force your viewpoint on them, that creates tension.  If you tell a murderer to stop killing because it’s wrong, which of course is true, be prepared for that murderer to attempt to take your life.  Why?  Because you essentially called him a fool.  “Everybody knows murder is bad!”  Fine, so… if he’s not everyone, what group did you just put him in.

The bottom line here is that to achieve a universal peace and prosperity, everyone needs to relax and drop the angry rhetoric and senseless violence.  You don’t agree with me?  Fine.  Let’s have lunch and find some common ground.  Your religion differs from mine?  Great, I’d love to hear about your beliefs and how they came about.  Here in the US, a great start would be for elected officials try to consider what’s best for all constituents, not just those of the same political affiliation.

Working together, not towards a common goal but mutual health and prosperity seems to be the answer.  The solution is not the final answer, it is the process.  Let’s get a purpose with a purpose not an endgame.  Find the way to find ways.  I want to have 8 billion friends I have never met by the time my life ends, 8 billion souls concerned enough about themselves to sustain their lives, and concerned enough about those around them to make a difference.

Tomorrow, find someone and do something for them.  Hold the door, buy a coffee, smile at a stranger, anything you like.  Every person whose day you brighten will brighten a dozen others.  Respect others, and you in turn will be respected.  It all starts with you.  And you.  And you over there on the job.  You can make a difference today.

Make.  It.  Happen.  🙂

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