The Art of the Irish (I)

There once was a man named Bob
Whom everyone thought was a snob
He screwed up at work
By being a jerk
And now he is out of a job.

There once was a lady name Jill
She was just about over the hill
She thought she was done
Having kids, time for fun
Until she abandoned the pill.

A long time ago far away
Darth Vader had little to say
He went to a bar
When he lost the Death Star
And drank for a year and a day.

The Batman, known as the Dark Knight
Was only Bruce Wayne in some tights
The confidence felt
With utility belts
Made underwear outside feel right.

There once was a cat named Sylvester
He thought of himself as a jester
While prancing around
He slipped and fell down
But since he’s behaved a bit better.

My cowboy boots come in a kinds
From ostrich to crocodile hide
I don’t know a lick
About cattle or whips
But my feet sure look mighty dang fine.

An elephant never forgets
But it won’t make a very good pet.
Besides all that eating
And pooping and drinking
Just think of the bills from the Vet…

There once was a man known as Gus
Whose job was just driving a bus
Then one day a brat
Ran off with his hat
To win a big wager from us.


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