Outside the Outside

Here I am
Right here.                                    Outside.


I see all the things you do, never alone.


SOME(What is it like to be a part of)THING?
To be included, rather than an [∅]?
Questions answered by a real person, in person
Voices                  your head?                   outside

Do I count? Not 1234 but something more
Where am I needed as a cause of effects?
Something in ink, not the faint lines of the paper
Not through machines but standing in it.

It what?  It – every anything something part
ial or complete, an area with edges inside
Take a step back, I’m still               you.
      Turn aro
eb lliw I dnu
there in the distance, watching

Seeing from behind my eyes
I am part of a famIly
Yet, I am             and



A terrible weight, experiencing
the lives of so many through their stories
yet never in the story, knowing the end

So I

Watching idly, seeing much,
Like err particles, I move around airors
silently, without a           or a
Less than bacon but more than a pig
Outside the bookends, a trifle for seeing
but not for using.


A bookmark feels more a part of the tale than I
Poppy seeds more in the sandwich
Earth more in the sun
No cat in your hat but up the neighbor’s tree

                                                   Before Alpha
After Omega
                                 I AM.

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