While the Ramen Cools

Made my special Ramen noodles just now.  Boiled the water with crushed red pepper flakes already added, dropped in the broken-up blocks of noodles, and three minutes later – PRESTO!  A pot full of tasty noodles that I can’t eat for twenty minutes because the are too damn hot!  Not the spicy part, but the boiled water WAS at 100 degrees Fahrensquare for over three minutes, so there it sits on the stove, and here I sit not on the stove, with little to do for the moment.

So with this time I decided I should write a more bloggish blog post for bloggers to enjoy, criticize, love, hate, laugh at, cry about, all without being the slightest bit moody.  How can I do that?  By voicing an opinion.  That’s right, 2nd leading cause of violence behind religion.  So here is my opinion:

The Peter Principle, promoting someone to their first level of incompetence, has long been known, understood, and bemoaned by those who hit their incompetent stage making fries or stacking soup.  What I contend is that the Office of the President of the United States, the most powerful political personage of the modern world, is beyond EVERYONE’S reach.  There is no possible way to successfully improve the lives of all 300,000,000 of us American Citizens.

They try to avoid being exposed as incompetent by tending to campaign donors (not promises) and whomever is shouting the loudest at the time.  The opposition party is reduced to ravenous dogs fighting over scraps of line items to veto or replace, and the folks that voted for the other guy get squat.  This way, the President can say that the people who voted for him made a good choice (for them).  Therefore, by some Latin thing with “absurdum” in the name, those who did not vote for the winner brought about their own misfortunes and deserve their lot.

To conclude: nobody will ever be completely non-incompetent at a job that can only be done by one person at a time, offers no training, and makes decisions affecting hundreds of millions of people, therefore prompting all who didn’t vote for him the first time to vociferously denounce him during re-election campaigns.  You can’t please everyone all the time, and there are 300,000,000 varied expectations to fulfill.

To conlude the conclusion: every President in US history has been incompetent about SOMETHING, and this will be true of all future Presidents.

Ramen’s ready.  😉


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