No Stone Left To Turn

I searched every rock.

There’s                        there but dirt.

                 over                                            l  l
Looking the hills,                                    i         s
Finding only v                s, and more h
                         a           y
                            l      e

Somewhere out                                                           there

Is what I’m l∅∅king for…
But most have © on their fingers, or at least ®

So I took a rest, a break, and someone found me
Not sure what role I play
Just trying to do my best with what I have to give.

Feeling a bit lost
Uncertain where (            I   ) stand
Trying not to make Miss Steaks
Or do something that’s not                                  right.
Left                                         with little knowledge,
Trying to                       center                      myself,
Be myself
Stay myself
Not looking to hard at in the mirror

I am
Who I am
There is [        ] like me anywhere
But here I sit on a cask of Amontillado

A pin drops…                                       there.
I hear everything, see (          )
It’s all so                                         far away.
Where do fIt?

So hard to see down a road
That hasn’t been built.


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