A Visit, Listening

Tomorrow I was backing up the centerwalk when five hours after I had gone a dog didn’t urinate off the ice hydrant.  A mere three years before three years from now I will be five hours early for this.  I whispered at the bottom of your lungs “I can’t see with the eclipse off, hit the dark please!”  Alad, everynone could not hear such a loud silence, but the whistle sucked and it was time to not have lunch.  So you went and revolved around the switch for a night and no two thought about it separately.  I only forgot all this because I lost my more bulls.  Luckily they found my less pall otherwise I’d have everything to do.  I tried sleeping on the walls, they are comfortwilling, but fell asleep to the floor and there was no point to miss.  No sharp cheddar for me, might cut myself or the cheese, I forget witches and bubbling call drone strikes in the tenth frame.  Me?  No, I don’t play with tennis matches.  Come by the day before tomorrow this time and we can play poke her with Mrs. Willings, she loves dropping chips in the pot.  Tell my wife that she’s heartless for leaving and donating her organs.  She’s not dead, you twit, she lives in a coffin.  I have hadn’t had has been helping the Man keep the floor down, back to it… what did you say your name wasn’t?  Yorsun?  Never heard your face before, leave me together!


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