A Misunderstanding, Resolved

Uphill both ways,
Those were the days.
We earned every cent,
And ne’er was it spent.

No internet nor cell phone
Luxury meant an ice cream cone
The TV was in black and white
Settled in by ten each night

Respectable folk in every way
Wore a suit to work each day
Paying cash for everything
Never ever borrowing

And how do you spend all your time?
Loitering like it’s not a crime
Sleeping soundly half the day
Throwing all your time away.

What did you get done today?
Nothing from the list I made.
There’s no such thing as “I cannot”
If it’s not done you’ll lose a lot.

Invisible illness?  Don’t be silly!
We’ll start by taking your TV.
Anxiety, depression, OCD?
Those don’t mean a thing to me!

Decide to do it, it gets done
That’s how things here should be run.
When you say can’t, I hear won’t.
Otherwise you’d be working son.

You’re being so ridiculous
The smartest one of all of us
Yet doing normal daily stuff
You freeze up before doing enough?

You are in control of you
Nothing in your head can do
The things you say they can.
Grow up and be a man.

What do I not yet understand?
This failure is caused by just a gland?
Pscychology just gives excuses
To the lazy for their abuses.

Wait, you’re telling me it’s true?
That chemicals tell you what to do?
Is that why you have all those pills
And send home so many doctor bills?

I think that all that medicine
Is what is causing problems in
Your life.  If you just stop relying
On the pills you’d be just fine.

I don’t see how this could be true
Such constant sadness inside you
Just get your chores done you’ll feel better
Now what’s this here, a government letter?

“We have determined that you are disabled as of April 6th, 2012.  Your benefits are listed below.  As your doctors expect you to improve, we’ll reevaluate you after one year.”

I… don’t know what to say, my son
I don’t know what to do.
I can’t pretend to understand
But I’ll be here for you.

– Thanks, Dad, for the love, support, and understanding you have shown.  I know it’s not easy.  You too, Mom.  Love you both!


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