Uh oh…


Not sure when it arrived
Found laying to the side
Of my junk mail recycle bin
Fairly well hidden

Could not believe my eyes
They widened in surprise
How could such a thing exist
And only now I hear of this?

This was so dangerous
Especially for those of us
With serious devotion
To food fresh from the ocean

Capable of wiping out
My whole entire bank account
The choices and the… other choices
Am I now hearing voices?

I must practice self control
Hire police to patrol
The driveway and the street
To ward off tapping feet

Bringing it to me
Must be immediately
My mouth is watering anew
Oh what oh what am I to do

I must be sounding frantic
Can you feel my rising panic
As I chew chew chew
On the thoughts as though they’re food

I must have it I will have it
I will call them and demand it!
Now way they can refuse
With two different cards to use

And when I place my order
They will learn of my disorder
Of the cravings that I slake
On the product that they make

Oh oh oh oh ohhhhhh
The tantrum I will throw
If my needs cannot be met
Without putting me in debt

Thoughts are going faster
Like my brain was made with casters
Zoom zoom zoom zoom ZOOOOOOOM
Be glad your not inside this room!

Already I smell and taste
What awesomeness will stuff my face
You may already think me crowned
King of padded cells and straight jackets
And doctors injecting drugs to stop the
Raaaaaaaaaaaaving of a hungry man but tell me
Tell me

Tell me

Tell me…

How you’d react to SUSHI FOR DELIVERY?!?!?


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