I Had A Dream (Just Woke Up)

So… the dream begins with me, at 37, showing up for final exams at my elementary school.  Apparently I had slipped through without meeting some requirement so I had to take a bunch of exams to validate my passage through all of the next 14 years of education.

I arrive and immediately a man in a suit comes up and asks if I have been submitting weekly reports on my progress.  Apparently my subconscious knew this question was coming because I replied that I had been submitting them to Mr. ___________ every Monday.  He then handed me a coded schedule of every final exam that was longer than the Magna Carta, ushered me to a comfy chair in a private room, handed me a box of sharpened #2 pencils and wished me luck.  I couldn’t make heads or tails out of the exam schedule, and on cue walks in Benjamin Ree, a college chum who always had a grasp on everything.

He takes the schedule and circles each exam I’m to attend, gives me a cup of coffee and leaves.  Turns out I’m 30 minutes late for an exam already so I change my shoes, go out in the hall, find what I think is the correct door and go in and take the last available seat.  Everyone else in the room is a 30-ish year old woman, which strikes me as odd for a grade school classroom.  Then a nurse walks in and starts passing out cheap plastic drip pans and a pregnancy test kit to each woman.  I left.

Back at the private room, I tried to figure out where to go, when a young administrative type brings me a lunch tray and leaves without a word.  I eat, and an old man with a wheeled trash bin comes out of a secret door, takes my garbage, and goes right back the way he came.  Somehow this wasn’t a surprise either.

I was a bit alarmed when my father popped in with a bottle of my favorite Scotch (confession: a bottle of the only Scotch I have actually purchased in a store but quite like for it’s vanilla and hazelnut overtones and smooth finish) and said I was done with exams.  When I asked why, he explained that some other school had closed which somehow exempted me from whatever I was attempting to do in the first place.  He didn’t stick around (he prefers brandy) so I drank a bit, left the room and was run over by one of those golf-cart style security buggies.

That’s when I woke up.  NO idea what to make of it.  Any thoughts, please leave a comment on how you would interpret this.  Thanks!

– Craig


2 responses to “I Had A Dream (Just Woke Up)

  1. I would interpret it that it’s time for you to buy a new bottle of Scotch 🙂 It’s obvious what your subconscious is telling you! 😉

    I also have this recurring dream that I finished University but I did not go to the graduation exam and for a few seconds before I really wake up I don’t know if it’s true or not and I feel this uncomfortable pain, but then I feel so relieved when I remember I am well don’t with that! 🙂


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