I see your lips move
Hear you prattle on
But nothing you have said
Explains what’s going on.

Too much of this
Not enough of that
Please put a penny into
Every fitted hat.

Save the whales
Save the trees
Save the moon rocks
And attorneys

Keep your pens
And your buttons
Not all of you can be
E. F. Huttons

One group on the left
One way to the right
Making zero progress
All they do is fight.

Take the Middle East,
Constantly at war
All because they want to claim
Their holy land of yore.

Guess what buckaroos,
Shooting at each other
You will only end up leaving
Children with their mother.

Stop the hate
Stop the shooting
Stop the ancient arguments your
Ancestors disputed.

Same-sex marriage,
Not your way,
Religion says
No way they’re gay.

I say shut your trap
And stop your bigotry
Just buy yourself a t-shirt
That shows your idiocy.

Protest all you want against
My friends and closest neighbors
You’re wrong and we can tell
By how few are friends of yours.

Hate what you want
It’s all the same
You try to make some
Silly claim

What you do
What you say
What you think
What you pray.

“What?” is all I’m asking
Allowing you your turn
I say “what?” to demonstrate
That you have much to learn.

What do you say to that?
A bitter spiteful comeback?
Just watch out at the Pancake House
For boogers in your stack.


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