I spy with my i
Something over                                                   here.

Where will I find donkey’s password?
                        Jack       was busy
                     the hill
                     and Jill.

Nimble,                              i
                          u                         c
               q                       candlestick

Yellow brick road                   just

Where is Oz?  Where Oz is.  Right in the middle, bozo…

My           are missing, have you seen them?
I must have dropped them        after we             the house.
                                               left ———–> right

Where are we now?
Did we make it      a    the block? o
                                      d          n
Where                  |                                   \

          \___>  is the obvious–‘


when looking for street +-*/=

or to learn where the pub is @.


                                     There – ∅ a sphere

Must be



3 responses to “Where?

    • Thanks! I noticed that at least on my phone, the alignment is off if the phone is upright, definitely have to view with the phone sideways. 🙂 glad you enjoyed it!


  1. Oy vey… trying to fix the flowchart near the end, alignment is way off, and wordpress is showing the full html mark-up so there’s no way to tell how things line up! Oh well. The broken part should read “Where —–>is the obvious ——–> ?” But in a counterclockwise oval shape. Lesson learned… formatting and alignment don’t mix, at least on my phone. Those of you on real computers may or may not see the places where spaces used to line up text from different heights shrank a bit after I hit “publish”.


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