Don’t you know?
Did you mean what you said?
Then explain it to me, please.

You say that what you think is right
So why don’t I just play along?
Honestly, without the why,
Who what when where are wrong.

I’ll ask you several questions
About what you believe
If you cannot answer simple ones
Don’t think I will concede.

It’s not that I believe you’re wrong
Or full of strange conceptions,
The issue here, and all along
Has been my own reflections.

When I was taught that two plus two
Would always yield four,
The teacher had two pairs for you
And always something more.

In fourteen-hundred and ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue
Then cut the limbs off those
Who failed his golden rule

He has a yearly holiday
The kids are off from school
Because it was not okay
To tell us he was cruel.

The questions that can get you shot
In many third world countries
All start with why? is this or that
A reason for my suffering?

The ruler of a country where
The people go unfed
Is a leader that will double his share
Until he winds up dead.

So don’t accept things solely based
Upon what you are told
Your mind is such a wondrous place
For thoughts both new and bold.

Will you always be correct?
Not every single time,
But use your mind to go collect
The truth about the why.


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