Who am I?
Who are you?
Are you who I am too?

The one who thinks of you each night
And always wants to hold you tight.

The one who writes clichés at times
And often ends up making rhymes?

That’s not all I am.
There’s more to me
Than you will see.

I’m always here
And never there
But you can find me anywhere.

Are you choking?
Can you speak?
I know the Heimlich Maneuver, yes I do.

Who am I?
Who do you need?
Who will help in any way?
Who can be there, who indeed?
Who can make the memory stop?
Three licks to get into a Tootsie roll pop.

Who are you that I will be
Your friend for all eternity?
You are you and that’s enough
Don’t worry ’bout the other stuff.

Who is it I write about?
Who is it I’m right about?
Look me up and you’ll find out.


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