Nuttin’ but Riddim (12 bars of 4/4 time)

Tap tip top tiki tup tup tup
Tap tup tiki top top
Tippy tiki tenny teeny
Talk a talk to talk a talk

Hubba hooba gak hooba hummmm vee
Double doobie dabba do we tiki tiki tick
Loot lewd loot law lippy lappy lop
Lump lemme lipo tuck wubba wubba goo

Terra terra nova bed bop bop bop
Baby boomer better groomer few cha foe fee
Boom, boom, biddy biddy bop
Riki tiki tick riki tiki tick tock


2 responses to “Nuttin’ but Riddim (12 bars of 4/4 time)

    • Thanks! I will try similar things over the next few days, but becoming more complex rhythmically and eventually (maybe) using real words only. It’s National Poetry Writing Month, so I have accepted the challenge to write a poem a day. Having a progressive concept will help the month go by faster lol. I was also challenged by a friend to write lyrics rather than poems sometimes, and my immediate response was “I don’t have a way to show duration, space, or specific rhythms using only words” so that really was the impetus for this poem and it’s future companions. 🙂


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