Nuttin’ but Riddim II (12 bars of 12/8 time)

Takita tum tatum tatummm
Tum tatakita tum tikitikitummm
Tum taka tum taka tum taka tikitikitiki ta ki ta
Takitum takitakitum takitock- tatock.

Digidigidigi dum digidum (doom doom doom)
Doom digi dum dum digi (digidigidoom digidigi)
Dum da (doom doom doom) digidigidigi
Dum dadodum dum dadodum digi dum digidigi doom

Bopata bopata (boo boo boo)
Bopata bopata (boo boo boo)
Bopata (boo boo boo) bopata
(Boo boo boo) bopata boom!

* indicates an actual triplet in place of two sixteenth notes.
In this case taki and fill the same amount of time.

**( ) shows where a rhythm crosses a beat without landing on it, just three even notes across two beats.

This is much more rhythmically complex than the first installment, but remember in 12/8 time each beat is divided into three equal parts.  Fans of Leonard Bernstein should recognize a bit from “West Side Story” to kick off the final stanza.

You will also notice I restricted the syllables to three variants of “drummer talk”, so two-letter syllables are generally half the length of three-letter syllables (like 16th and 8th notes  or 8ths and quarter notes in music notation).  ‘Doom’ and ‘boo’ have the same length, while ‘dum’ is half the length of ‘doom’.

If all this sounds like mumbo jumbo, just remember each line is exactly the same length, so if you struggle with one line, compare it to one that you understand and see how the pieces fit together.  Enjoy!  🙂


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