The Perfect F .

Take it.

Go on, take    .
I want you to have    .
    is very handy,
Whether things are good
Or total sh   .

Read the ob   uaries once,
    was very sad to see
W   h my eyes, so many
Reduced to a few paragraphs.

Cond    ions are a necessary part
Of compromise.  Dece   , not so much.
    should not be a concern for any,
But     is a problem for all.
Lying is a sign of selfishness and greed.

W   hering plants returning, blooming.
Restoring color to the world.
At the lemonade stand, the lemonade is in a p   cher.
At the ball field, the p   cher is on the mound.
At night in the wheat fields     is p   ch black.

Aren’t you glad you took     with you?
    filled in a lot of holes.
Please return     when you are done,
    goes back in the first line where you found    .


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