A Trip

Went to the store to buy a new suit.
Tried clubs, but I’m just too old.
So, I went with diamonds.
Got a lot of stairs in the grocery store, but nothing that went anywhere.
Went house hunting, bagged a Colonial and two Cape Cods.
Had a stick of Juicy Fruit gum, the taste moved me to Florida when I popped it in my mouth. 
Bought Johnny Walker Red for a nice elderly woman who tripped over Jesus on the crosswalk.
Got a call on my cell, would I like to take a survey?  I said yes, took it and threw it in a puddle.
The weather turned fowl and flew off in search of lunch.
I decided it was time to go home, so I opened Firefox and got to Google.
Did a search for “French Bread”, found a pile of Francs.
Looked for a sandwich and met the Wicked Witch of the West Coast, I think she was one of the Kardashians.
She took my picture, had to kick her in the shins to get it back.
Went to Dodger Stadium just in time to watch the FBI arrest one of the players for stealing second base; they said they had received an anonymous tip but it had to be the Cubs, every other team makes enough to buy new bases.
6 string basses.  Fretless, worry free.
Left LA on the right and found San Diego.  You remember Carmen, right?
Saw some hippies that I thought were high, but it turns out they were just on the 10th floor.
Found a tooth ferry, took me and my car down the coast and docked in Mexico.
They said “passport”, but all I had was sherry.
They shipped me back to the US Espresso Federales and I was delivered before 10am in the maternity ward.
Felt like a kid again.
What’s that?  Breast feeding?
Hell yes!


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