Win, Place, Show & Tell

Winning isn’t everything.


Winning is the only thing.


True achievement is not measured
by your achievement alone,
but by how many others achieve
with you, around you, watching you.

Getting ahead is not success, it is speed.
Winning the rat race makes you a rat.
Money does not buy happiness,
because the people who have it
won’t share it with you for money.

Happiness is a gift we give each other,
not a prize for finishing first.  And alone.
It is something that will grow and thrive
as long as you share it unceasingly.
It does not belong to you.
You don’t have the “right” to it.
It lives in you if you let it,
forever.  And ever.  Even after death.

The people touched by your heart
will continue to spread your gift
of love and laughter, tears and healing,
and that, my friends, is true achievement.
You WIN when you PLACE others first,
and SHOW them the way,
TELL them what it means to truly accomplish
something meaningful.

How to love unconditionally,
laugh uncontrollably,
connect with others emotionally,
and give endlessly from within.

Your heart, soul, mind, and body
carry these intrinsic ideals
and allow you to share them,
give them, and receive them.

To win a race or contest,
that is just a blink of the eye.
Happiness, hope, and love
are forever, and spreading
these far and wide is the
only victory you need.


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