Message to Terrorists

Is your death going to solve a problem?
If the answer is yes, then die on your own.
Don’t steal our families and children.

Your leaders turn you into weapons.
Disposable weapons.
They will never become weapons themselves.

They tell you they must live to recruit,
Recruit more people for the cause.
And this is true.

Without the root of insanity,
The so-called ’cause’ will crumble.
It only survives because you die in their place.

Why let them throw you away?
Throw them away, and live.
Make a family.  Make your own life.

You have the choice.
Die a puppet of insanity,
Or live a life of love.

End the madness.
Don’t be a bullet.
Don’t die a murderer.

Evil never ends well.
There are no rewards for cowardly death.
Only darkness.


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