Inside a cage,
Made not of steel
But of the mind.

Invisible to all,
Felt by one.
Crushing, constricting.
As real as anything.

Barriers, blockades,
Dead ends and pitfalls,
No escape, no freedom.

Few understand,
The same signals that say
‘Concrete wall’
Can be sent without the wall.

Eyes don’t percieve it,
Hands don’t feel it,
But your heart can’t pass through.
Your mind won’t even try.

The mind controls everything.
What you see, how you percieve.
Sometimes it is wrong.
Other times it lies.
Prisoner of nothing,
Nothing at all,
But electrical pulses
Misdirected, confused,
Creating intangible obstacles
And making them real.
But only to one, the carrier
Of the manipulative mind.

Focus, concentrate,
There is a door now,
Turn around and find nothing.
No choice but to enter,
Then the door is gone.

Impossibly intertwined
Rooms, cages, cells,
All connected in time,
Occupying shared space.
A miasma of perspectives
That Escher never dreamt,
But persist in their existence.

Sometimes the walls vanish,
But not forever, no.
Every wall you remove,
Replaced by two more.
Where is the exit?

There is none.  No cure.
No permanent escape.
Resistance saps your strength,
Fighting subsumes energy.
The only way forward
Means using the mind,
The cage that binds,
To separate you
From separation.
To make your own reality
Where the walls are paper.
Find a new path for you
And the pulses
Where they keep true
And show you the way.
No walls that aren’t real
Or restraints in your head.

But freedom will not last,
As new cages form around you.
The battle rages on.
No matter your strength of will,
The walls return.
Smash them, and more,
And more still,
All you can do is keep your momentum
So each cage can’t contain you for long.

See you on the outside of this,
Inside the next.


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