In My Place

Could you be me?
What would you do?
You would make other choices,
But all from the frame of me.

Some days walking would be awkward.
Your fingers would tremble side to side.
Eleven prescriptions just to not quite function.
Your mind would not always follow instruction.

Allergies, agoraphobia, anxiety, arthritis,
Migraines, sinus infections, muscle pain,
Stiffness, chronic fatigue, memory loss,
Depression, OCD, more depression.

You would need powerful glasses
To counter the 20/1000+ vision.
Special cream to keep your face
From falling apart every few days.

What would this frame allow?
What could you accomplish?
Would you be a person of good character?
Would you be bitter and resent being alone?

You can find the symtoms of all these
On Wikipedia or WebMD, all the problems.
What they can’t tell you is the other half.
I will tell you what good my ills have done.

Many gifts have come from years of this.
Patience, compassion, understanding,
Empathy, love, kindness,
Serenity, peace, and a purpose.

Helping heal broken hearts,
Guiding others around emotional obstacles,
Motivating people, cultivating confidence,
Rebuilding self-esteem, always listening.

I have become my own light in the darkness,
Learned to live with limitations and loneliness.
Suffering creates wisdom, pain washes away the trivial.
Perspective is gained, fear fades away.

I wouldn’t want you to take my place.
My experience has continued, even now,
To forge a stronger me.  A wiser me.
It has taken 37 years to get here.

This is my life.
There are others like it, but this one is mine.
Accepting this life gives me strength
Courage to continue, momentum to move forward.

We all have unique circumstances.
Many suffer far beyond my own.
We are prepared for the life we live as we live it.
No one could take my place, and I could not take another’s.

Focus on what really matters.
Help those that are struggling.
Care when no one else will.
Be there without an invitation.

The best way to help yourself
is to help others first.
Take care of yourself,
but never at the expense of another.

Be what the world needs you to be,
not what you want to be,
And you will find an amazing person
Standing in your place.


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