Insignificance Lost

Memories once shared,
Only you remember.
You really thought they cared,
But they doused the final ember.

Times that made you who you are
Mean nothing to the main.
Their minds have not the scars
To illustrate all your pain.

Your battles that you won,
Your battles that you lost.
Your sacrifice has been and gone
No witness to the cost.

You cannot add importance
To your place in other lives,
Just the seeds you plant
Will prosper and survive.

Accepting that your worth
Is greater than they will see
Means staying close to earth
With honesty and humility.

Know that all your kindness
Had an impact all around,
Even on the mindless
And the selfish folk you found.

Someday when your time runs out
You’ll put your pencil down,
Take comfort in the end of doubt
And solace in the ground.


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