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Sprint is the best cell service around
Unless you have different choices in town.
Having no signal is not a surprise,
But when will they fix it and stop telling lies?

“The tower is fine, everything’s green.”
Then why doesn’t WordPress show up on my screen?
“You can buy an antenna to boost up your signal.”
But broadband is need to do that at all.

You tell me that cell phones don’t work through my wall,
And don’t understand that it worked fine last Fall.
You won’t send a tech to find out what is wrong,
I’ll give you a list now I’m done with this song.

No service over 50% of the time.
Dropped calls (4 times in 30 minutes during off-peak hours).
Slow 3G data.
No 4G ever.
Used the Sprint Zone app to call Sprint customer service and heard “your call to Verizon customer service cannot be completed as dialed.  Please try again.”  At least I know who has the best service in the area now.

End of rant, once more unto the breach of FCC regulations.


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