A Dream, Summarized

Just woke up from the closest thing to a repetitive dream I have had since college.  The setting is similar to a college campus but not actually a real one.  I find myself in the middle of campus, students walking everywhere, and I want to go to my car.  Apparently my dreaming self has more money than I, because I’m searching for a little black sports car of the German variety.

So, I walk out one direction, trample some flowers, get mud on my shoes, water saturates my pantlegs and girls are looking at me funny.  No car.  So I trudge off in a different direction, get even dirtier, get more funny looks from girls, and still no car.

Fact is, I never find the car.  So the question is “am I dreaming about cars, being lost, or getting funny looks from girls?”

Unfortunately I know the answer, knew it before I had the dream.  Does that make me insecure?  Not at all.  Just observant.  🙂

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