Goodbye Mr. Hallahan

Taken from us far too soon.
Whether laughing or bitching you lit up the room.
Joking around, sharp was your wit.
A little disturbing when you’d say “check out my tits!”

More fun to work with than the average putz,
Is was a bit much when you texted your nuts.
A loss to your family, your friends and the rest,
We’ll all miss your spirit, your humorous jest.

The cussing and such was a part of your charm,
Old ladies would flinch but it never caused harm.
A belly of laughs was your burden to bear,
Helping us all forget most of our cares.

Send us a postcard when you get your wings,
We’d all like to see the sheer size of those things.
So keep an eye out for your friends left on Earth,
As we mourn the loss of a man of great worth.

Prayers and blessings for Mark’s family.
And some cheese fries for Mark.


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