Joining a Gym (yes, a poem)

Gotta go, gotta go,
Lately I’ve been feeling slow.
By lately I mean several years,
Haven’t even had much beer.

Being stuck inside a rut
Should give me a big ol’ butt.
No, it didn’t, I can see,
Maybe not; it’s so tiny.

Walking has become a chore
Miss the days out by the shore
Morning runs along the beach,
Back then my toes I could reach.

Now the stairs can wear me out,
Pushing shopping carts about.
Did a workout yesterday,
Ten pound dumbbells made me pay.

Used to exercise a bit,
Till the diabetes hit.
Even vacuuming the rug
Uses all my sugar up.

Atrophy is not for me,
Just plain healthy I should be.
Retro Fitness here I come,
I know at first I may look dumb.

Give me 60 days at least
To shake the cobwebs off this beast.
Only kidding ’bout the beast,
Not too much will rhyme with least.


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