Veterans Day

This time each year, millions of people say “Happy Veterans Day”… and I can’t help but feel that it is a bit unkind to our men and women who serve.  Celebrating the self-sacrifice of those who died serving their country is worthy and honorable.  Being happy about it is not.  Semantics?  Maybe.  But Veterans Day is a solemn occasion for most surviving vets and the families of all involved in the conflicts that ended the lives of so many.

When friends of ours die, we mourn for quite some time.  When soldiers die in the arms of their fellows, the survivors mourn that loss forever.  They can’t think about those moments without reliving the pain of that moment.  Imagine holding the torso of your best friend, moments after an explosion.  The horror must be unbearable.  Seeing your squad leader’s head evaporate into a red mist, coating your face and body.  Watching a helicopter explode with eight people on board, all of whom you knew.

So as we remember the sacrifice of those fallen soldiers, please remember the surviors as well and the horrors they endured to return home.  We all thank them for their service, but it is also appropriate to express sorrow for the losses they experienced regardless of how much time has passed.  Hug a veteran today, and let them know how much their service has really meant to all of us in America.


2 responses to “Veterans Day

  1. I reflected on the importance of Veterans’ Day. I can’t quite imagine myself in their shoes. one can be emphatic, but when you are not in the war zone constantly fearing for your life and thinking about your family and friends, then all I can really mutter is a sincere thank you. I just think that I enjoy my life and my freedom because there are people who care enough to do what most people won’t do, myself included. .A short prayer is appropriate for those who died fighting the wars, the families they left behind and those who are still around. A sincere thank you will also make them appreciated and honored.


  2. Yes, it’s true that it is important to honour those who have served, but perhaps some day our focus will shift to peace and kindness so that there will be no more need for anyone to serve or sacrifice in this manner. Namaste!


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