Bathroom Habits

Is there a pattern when you take a shower?
Maybe you girls have only one way to powder?
Not sure I want to know when you are seated,
But maybe you light candles after you’ve bleated?

Cleaning one’s self is a personal matter,
Closing your eyes to avoid all the splatter.
When washing your hair do you rinse right away?
Or let the white foam keep on working and stay?

Wetting your pits could go multiple ways,
Twist left and then right or a spin right in place?
Do you start at the top and work your way down,
Or begin with the spots with a scent causing frowns?

Floss before brushing or brush and then floss?
I do the first because I am my boss.
Shaving and trimming and combing your hair,
Is there a ritual hidden in there?

Everyone does things the way they see fit,
And I do not mind them, not one single bit.
But please do not tell me, don’t share what you do,
In circumstance dealing with a number two!


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