Busy Busy Busy

This time of year life can get a little hectic.  Things to do, places to go, people to remember to send cards to, sentences to end with prepositions…

There’s a time-honored tradition that most people forget they can do, since it is really only mentioned in song this time of year.  Make a list, check it twice.  Start it in September, perhaps sooner.  Get index cards and every time you think of something holiday related, even if it is just a reminder to write another index card, put it in a box.  If you are so inclined, keep an address book just for cards with the box, and everytime you see an address that is cardworthy, put it in the book.

The point is, don’t try to remember all of December in one week.  There is just too much.  By starting ahead of time, you not only save a lot of memory errors but the notes you made will put new ideas into your head.  Seeing that note to get new lights for the bushes might help you remember to get a new bulb for your tree-topper.  Seeing one name and address can cause a flood of names to come back to you, and then you can be fairly sure you sent a card to everyone you thought would want one.

THEN.  And this is the 2nd most important part!  Keep all your notes together and SAVE THEM FOR NEXT YEAR!  This will save you a lot of time down the road.  One other thing – do NOT put this information away with the decorations, keep it in an office area or on top of the fridge, anywhere not inside something else.  The following September you’ll have more to add, and if you buried it under some Santa dolls you won’t see it until December.

So that’s my advice for a slightly merrier holiday season, maybe a little late but better than never.



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