Memories of Friends


Thinking back about the friends who have passed this year, small mementos take on greater meaning then when first received.  This Christmas card from Mary, sent a few months before she died, made no indication that anything was wrong.  She was in the hospital on New Year’s Eve, but kept that from us.  It wasn’t until near the very end that I learned her cancer had relapsed and was going to claim her life in a short time.

This card represents so much more than a Merry Christmas greeting.  It is a reminder of a loving, caring woman who took the time to let us know we were in her thoughts at a time when she could and should have been consantly in our thoughts.  It is a symbol of that ideal “hug” by mail, that will always be cherished.  Above all it is a reminder that the happy cheerful woman we are going to miss this holiday season will always be that woman in our hearts and minds.  No illness could take that away from her or us.

Mary, wherever you are now, home early and watching TV, I hope you can look down and smile at us as we remember the best of you, the goodness in you, and the place you still fill in our hearts. 

Merry Christmas, Mary.


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