Relative Problems

Often I hear debate about which problems are more important, which are more pressing, and which are deserving of the most sympathy.  The simple fact is that we all have problems to contend with, and they are all important in our current role in life.

Homelessness is a major problem.  There are shelters but not enough.  A large corporation whose sales are down from 50 billion annually to 49 billion has a serious problem as well.  How many pink slips will need to be handed out to balance their profits and losses to keep stock value level?

There are all types of problems, from alcoholism to abuse, from poverty to healthcare, and they are ALL important to those affected by them.  We each have our priorities, and they should not be diminished by the priorities of others, however dire they may be.  What you will find, however, is that placing another’s needs before your own will yield greater intrinsic rewards than any gratification you receive from putting your own needs first.

Everyone’s problems are relative to their situation, and need to be addressed.  Where we fall short as a society is in realizing that problems are problems.  It causes stress and anxiety in all social groups regardless of income or race.  The key is identifying the problems of others we have the power to help solve.

Please make a point to determine what skills you can offer to others, without any thought of compensation, and put those skills to work wherever possible.


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