Mind Under Matter

Wordplay has always fascinated me, because not only are you crafting a concept or metaphor but rhythm and tone as well. Careful word choice can even lend itself to consistent pitch changes among different readers. I also enjoy taking left turns at words with multiple meanings as I did with “Sidewalk Sale”. Alliteration and internal assonance add forward momentum while rhyme or even slant rhyme adds a structure. In this way it is somewhat like writing music, which I also enjoy.

I hope you find these fun to read,
They’re meant to plant a little seed
That in your mind and heart and soul
Will wiggle through the smallest hole.

PS – All works published at onthickice.wordpress.com are copyrighted with all rights reserved as of the date and time posted. The contents may not be copied into other media but you may share anything you like through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media that supports link sharing.

PPS – something that might make my writing different from most is that everything is a first draft. Unless I find a typographical error, I don’t change a word outside of the initial inspiration phase. I only recently learned that that’s not how a real writer writes, and that’s ok with me. I write because I have something to say or share, not to impress. So, for better or for worse, for the time being I don’t revise anything. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the inspiration behind them!

PPPS – I just today realized why I go with first drafts. I enjoy telling stories, and that is what I am essentially doing – talking through text. Like sharing an anecdote with friends, it is the essence of the stories that goes through your mind, and in telling the story your mind fills in the little words, the bits that are non-essential to your point but are part of the language. So in writing top to bottom, without looking back, I am passing along the tale as if I were speaking to a group, where you have to choose your words quickly, and once you have said them they never come back.


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